I'm on an epic mission to empower small business through words and help them craft their message....

My love for writing began at an early age - but it had more to do with how others wrote stories. You see, I loved reading and still continue to be a voracious reader, with two to three books on the go at one time. What I loved about these books was the way words were  strung together to create meaningful sentences, evoking my young imagination.


But I did not follow this path into writing initially. 


Instead, I ventured into marketing, advertising and creative design  - topics that excite me even today.  At that time I designed logos, brochures, leaflets, booklets, posters, invitations, gift packaging - you name it! I even ventured into designing clothes and created a line of casual wear for a local boutique. As an event coordinator too, my focus was always design and creation. 


I loved the buzz of creating something whether it was a design, a presentation or an entire event! During these years I learnt about perseverance and about getting the job done and about giving my best to clients. 

I also wrote copy for advertising and marketing clients and content for corporate events (speeches, audio-visual presentations, promotional material) and got rave reviews on my work from corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, Suzlon and Pyrotek.


I loved it when a client came up to me and said that they loved the work that I did or when they showed-off my work like they were pieces of art! Mostly I was proud to be part of their success and know that I had contributed to it in a meaningful way!


I stepped into the world of feature writing for magazines as I was now a mum and wanted to balance my time between work and my child. And what better way than to write. 


And so I set forth, learning how to craft words for features. First stop was the Australian Writer's Center in Sydney where I learnt feature writing under Valerie Khoo, a journalist and author.

"Effective web content, appealing blogs and compelling content marketing drives engagement and customer responses."

I started writing immediately after for national Australian magazines on topics relating to natural health, wellness and therapies with published articles in Wellbeing, Nature and Health and Australian Yoga Life. 


Well-being and health have always been prime areas of interest in my life. I practice yoga everyday and I love to meditate. I am trained in aroma-therapy and I love applying the principles of positive thinking in my life.


Even though my focus was mainly natural health, therapies and esoteric; my knowledge and interests in marketing (digital), business, content creation and my love for graphic design led me to start my business in content writing and content creation.

I wanted to feel that same buzz again that came from helping businesses succeed. I knew that if I did what I loved and projected the same passion in helping businesses, them I can empower them with words and messages to convey their passions and find true success in their businesses.


And so I completed university courses in web communication, especially blogging, writing for the web, content creation and added digital marketing and analytics, SEO and keyword research, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing to my knowledge base. 

So here I am with Meena Writes - YOUR Web Content writer and Content Consultant.


So that's me!


What about you? What's your story?

Perhaps you need some help writing yours? Take a look at some of my work or contact me for a chat.