Rates and Pricing

Everything you need to know about my rates and pricing and how I work on every project.

Are your rates hourly?


No, they are not. I provide a value-based quote for every project. This means that you are not paying for the time spent on producing the project, but rather on the value it brings to your business.


My rates also provide you with some great advantages such as:

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Regular communication about the status of your project.
  • In-depth valid research into your project giving your project authority.
  • Knowledge about what works and what doesn't.
  • Custom design of blog post titles or image creation/ image gathering for other projects.
  • Search engine optimization via long-tailed keywords (when requested).

Where do your prices begin?


Rates are based per project depending on what is involved in the project.


Simple short-form one-time blog post assignments begin at AUD $150 per post depending on the scope of the assignment like word count and required research.


Rates for website content for one web page only begins at AUD$300. Other website content packages are available customised to meet your needs for which pricing will differ depending on the scope, research, SEO needs and language and tone required.


Complex and larger assignments like long form blog posts, website copy, copy for marketing collateral such as ebooks, emails, newsletters, brochures and more will be charged a project-based price.


Why do your prices begin at that price point?


Clients who choose to work with me usually do so because they want high-quality conversion-orientated content. They also prefer working with someone who understands their project and helps them convey their marketing message to their audience.


If you are looking for cheaper rates, rather than result-orientated content, then you are in the wrong place.


What's it like for a new client?


See the NEW CLIENT PROCESS for more information