Why Work With Me?


I get it! When it comes to your health and wellness brand, you can't just trust anybody with it.


You want someone who understands your point of view, your vision and your values so they can convey your message the way you intended it to be.


When it comes down to creating health and wellness content, you want someone who can deconstruct complex information and present it in a format which is easily understood by your audience.


And you want someone who can weave human stories into the narrative and create emotionally engaging content, which is factual, based on evidence and helpful to your audience.


Most of all, you want someone who understands your passion for health and wellness to convey that through heart-centred messaging.


That's what I deliver to you and for you!

Health and Wellness is EVERYTHING!


 I truly believe that good health is our most important asset.


As you can tell, I am passionate about health and wellness and this interest in wellbeing and health started with my quest to find a remedy to ease migraines, which I experience from time to time.


 I looked at various alternative treatments, home remedies and read a lot about research on this topic. And it opened up my very inquisitive, inquiring mind to the world of health, medicine and wellbeing. 


This got me interested in understanding various aspects of health and wellness as I looked for ways to develop habits and practices to lead a happy and healthy life.

Fast forward a few years, and I got certified in aromatherapy and Swedish massage.


While I didn't practice aromatherapy or massage, I helped my friends and family with the knowledge I had gained. (I was busy putting my MBA degree to use in advertising, managing clients, working on designs and writing marketing copy). 


As my interest in health and wellbeing grew, I knew I wanted to help people with their health. I wanted them to feel good about themselves and have relevant health and wellness information at their fingertips.

And so, I started writing feature articles for magazines and have published in WellBeing, Nature and Health, and Australian Yoga Life and many online publications.


Practitioners and businesses in health and wellness are already delivering life-saving services to their patients, customers and clients.


I realised I wanted to help these businesses and services to use the power of effective communication to deliver relevant information and advice that can help their clients and customers make good decisions for their health and wellbeing.


And I knew I could do just that, with my passion for health, my experience in writing marketing copy, and an MBA and content marketing certification (HubSpot) to back my knowledge. Plus, I have developed in-depth research skills essential to writing relevant health and wellness content.

Do you have a writing project you want to talk about or need help writing it?