Thousands of business owners struggle with managing time. There is just not enough of it! And hundreds more get overwhelmed by writing and creating content for their business. That’s when a “ghost-writer” can help you tremendously with your content writing and marketing needs and free up the time you need for other business-related activities. Are you wondering how a "ghost” can help you? Here are 4 compelling reasons how a ghostwriter can help you.

A health and wellness blog transforms evidence-based scientific information and knowledge into simple, fun and engaging content.But the art of "blogifying" all that critical information so that your readers are engaged, is a craft that needs learning. I have learnt a few things over the years about crafting a compelling blog post so that it is conversational, inspiring and easy to understand.Here are a five simple and effective strategies to writing a health and wellness blog.

Writing an “About Me” page is one of the hardest things to do. It means you have to talk about yourself. And very few people are comfortable writing about themselves. This post gives you the most relevant information about writing your About Me page and what to include in it, how to write it and what not to include. Plus a bonus: Free Worksheets

7 essential rules for writing your website homepage
When you go shopping, you look at the store windows before you get enticed to see more. The content of your homepage has the same effect. It is the first page that a visitor lands on and if it doesn't entice your visitor, he will not go further into the buyer’s journey. And you have lost your chance to make that important first impression. The homepage of any website is the most visited page and it’s important to get it right the first time. While the design, logo and visuals enhance that...

You’ve been writing your best blog ever, but you don’t seem to be generating many followers. Your website is packed with information, but you aren’t getting many new customers. Your social shares are not going up anytime soon and you are not standing out in the sea of content already out there. So let’s start right off the bat. Content is everywhere on the web and it is growing by the second. In 2015, for every minute, 1400 blog posts were posted, 72 hours of video was uploaded on...