12- Month Health and Wellness Storytelling Strategy & Calendar For Savvy Entrepreneurs & Businesses


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Plan, Schedule and Execute!



Content Plan and Content Schedule for a WHOLE YEAR!


Whether you are a doctor, a yoga instructor or a psychologist - your would-be clients or customers need to know more about their problems and possible solutions before they make any purchase decisions.


In the health and wellness space, information is of prime importance to your audience as it involves investing in their health.


It's about making life-changing decisions and those decisions are hard to come by when your prospects are not empowered with information.


One way to constantly engage with your audience and freely provide them with the knowledge they  seek is to tell your stories, talk about your experiences, share your knowledge and expertise.


And you do this with the help of regular blog posts, and other content types such as whitepapers, ebooks, case studies and other educational content.



"But churning out content (blog post) ideas every week, twice a week or every month is difficult and so time consuming."


Sounds familiar, doesn't it? 

Yes, it is time consuming and can be CHALLENGING - almost to the point where you're ready to pull out your hair.

(no joke, some of my clients were literally at this point!)


Brainstorming content ideas week-after-week is an arduous process and not to mention totally inefficient too.


Smart businesses like you PLAN ahead so that every piece of content you produce has a measurable goal.


Successful businesses plan and organise their content in a CONTENT SCHEDULE. They create a ROADMAP for the whole year.


This way they know what content to create, when to create it, who will produce the content and when to publish it.


Publishing content for the sake of publishing something is a useless endeavour. All you land up achieving is a bunch of content sitting on your site with zero results! 


But you want RESULTS right?

So, let's do it!


Get efficient!

It's time to get strategic and plan your stories so that they deliver more engagement, more brand awareness, more website traffic, more leads and more sales.


What Does Having A Content Plan Mean For You And Your Business?

Ease of Mind.

You know week-after-week what content to produce, who will create it and when to publish it.

Targeted Content Ideas.

Each content idea is formulated for your specific business and marketing goals

Talk to your Audience.

Story ideas are planned in advance and mapped to your buyer profiles and potential keywords for maximum impact.

Plan Your Social Media Posts.

Use your content schedule to know what kind of social media posts to plan and publish ( the kind that connect your content to social media posts).

Plan Resources Ahead of Time.

Know what resources ( time, writers, photographs, designers etc) to allocate and when to create and publish content.

Measure Effectiveness.

Measure success rates of each content type based on predefined goals for that content.

All Done For You.

No wasting precious time ( which is a scarcity when you're running a business) trying to plan, research and pull together topic ideas for the sake of creating content. Its all done for you so you can RELAX!

I know!! Isn't that alarming?? 


But get this - Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. 


Common sense tells me that content marketing is the way to go for your business. And for content marketing to be successful you need a Documented Content Plan. 


That's why I decided to create this package to help Health & Wellness businesses like yours be in the forefront of Content Creation.


When you plan, you can execute effortlessly and gain measurable results!


What You'll Get In This Package?

  • CONTENT DIRECTION Document in a spreadsheet format. Also available as a printable PDF
  • CONTENT MAPPING Document in a spreadsheet. Also available as a printable PDF
  • CONTENT EDITORIAL CALENDAR in a spreadsheet. Also available as a printable PDF
  • Documented Content Marketing Mission Statement (PDF)
  • Documented Pillar Topics (Key topics and themes aligned to your mission, goals and SEO keywords) in PDF format.
  • Voice and Tone document (PDF)
  • Content Quality Checklist (PDF)
  •  3 x 20 min Strategy Skype Calls


How it Works?

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Want to Build A Healthy Content Strategy This Year?

Lets get started! Click on the link below and follow the instructions. 


The Fine Print:

  • Offer period ends MARCH 15 2019
  • For Content Plan Packages after MARCH 15 2019 please contact meena@meenawrites.com
  • Content Plan Packages booked after offer period will be charged at the regular package price. No discount will be offered.
  • Content Plan Package will give you 9 months worth of content ideas beginning from April 2019 till December 2019.
  • No refunds on this package. Please contact meena@meenawrites.com with your questions.

Offer Process:
  • After you make a payment, I will contact you by email to schedule a Skype call with me to discuss your business and your content plan needs.
  • For any questions, please contact meena@meenawrites.com