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There are several ways health and wellness businesses can generate leads, and depending on the type of business you have, you can implement some methods to get new customers into your door. In this article, we look are 10 smart and effective lead generation strategies for health and wellness businesses and services

Jumping into a new business is exciting and scary at the same time. If you are thinking of launching a health and wellness related business, then it seems you may be on the right track. The Health and wellness sector is enjoying the limelight over the past few years as people are becoming more aware of their health, encouraging them to focus on preventative measures and seek solutions to their health concerns. According to a market research by Technavio, the health and wellness market is...

Consumers in the health and wellness sector want answers as solutions concern their health and wellbeing, and the first place where they start their search is online. If you have a strong web presence, you are likely to be a strong contender in their decision-making process. But to have a great web presence you need to have great content. How can health and wellness businesses up the ante on their content so they can break free from the monotony of usual strategies and stand out from the crowd?

People need to know that they can trust you with their health. And for this, you need to establish your credibility and authority in the marketplace. The way to do it is through content marketing which paves the way for creating specific content which is relevant and valuable, giving your audience enough reason to pay attention to you. A content marketing plan helps you organise and create all the key elements of your content marketing efforts serving as a roadmap to your marketing.

Marketing is in a constant state of change. To remain competitive your marketing strategies must evolve with the market. Googles’ algorithms, customer expectations and your budget are all always changing, and if you don’t keep pace you will be left behind.

By now you’ve probably heard about the new Super Bowl commercial by Tourism Australia featuring the who’s who of Australia’s glitterati. Based on the very popular movie - Crocodile Dundee - Australian Tourism came up with a genius advertisement campaign to boost Australian tourism to Americans. However, a campaign like this – even though it is NOT content marketing - can teach us a lot about good content – the kind that goes viral, generates a buzz and causes a reaction. In other words –

Social media is everywhere and its transforming the landscape of online marketing. Establishing a social media page and posting on it may seem easy, but as you know this does not help your business establish its brand in the market, This post shows you how to use social media to build your brand and ultimately make your business grow.

A blog is defined as an online diary. It is a place to pour your heart and soul out and write about whatever you want. Online blogs were public places where you portrayed your private life - emotions, feelings and all. That’s how blogs started out back in late 1990’s but the face of blogging changed soon following an exponential growth in blogs by the late 2000’s with over 50 million blogs. By 2005 over 32 million Americans read blogs and blogs started getting mainstream. Even though...

You’ve been writing your best blog ever, but you don’t seem to be generating many followers. Your website is packed with information, but you aren’t getting many new customers. Your social shares are not going up anytime soon and you are not standing out in the sea of content already out there. So let’s start right off the bat. Content is everywhere on the web and it is growing by the second. In 2015, for every minute, 1400 blog posts were posted, 72 hours of video was uploaded on...